OpticalFlow SDK is not working with Xavier - libnvidia-opticalflow.so missing

On Xavier optical flow plugin of deepstream 4 (nvof) works well but metadata dows not include “cost” metric.
There is an example on OpticalFlow SDK that should be able to produce “cost”.
When trying to build the sample , it fails on missing lib:

According to documentation it should be part of driver installation files, but it is missing on Xavier.

Hi eyal.enav,

Optical flow plugin from DeepStream 4 SDK is supported on Xavier/L4T.
Please note, this is different from OpticalFlow SDK, which is not supported on Xavier/L4T platform.

libnvidia-opticalflow.so is a part of the NVIDIA driver package used along with dGPU (pci-e boards), normally in the desktop/workstation/server configurations.