Problems accessing optical flow through python API (NvDsOpticalFlowMeta)

I’m currently moving my R&D project to DeepStream to deploy in production
I have some logic in python that needs as input optical flow, yolo bounding boxes and frame.

My first attemt at solving this was with the python plugin using a probe in the pipeline after generating the metadata, however it seems like NvDsOpticalFlowMeta is still not supported in the pyds API. NvDsOpticalFlowMeta not defined in pyds (python bindings)?

Do I need to create a plugin for this? Is there any workaround to easily get this information straight to python?

NvDsOpticalFlowMeta should be not supported yet, will double check and get back to you.

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Confirmed that this will be supported in next release.

Thanks, any idea when it will be released?

2021 Q1, but not solid date so far.

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