VRWorks 360 video SDK

According to https://developer.nvidia.com/vrworks/vrworks-360video,

  1. SDK can support various types of fisheye lenses.
    My Q: For non-fisheye camera, such as GoPro, can it support?
  2. Includes a sample XML file format for specifying rig and camera parameters used in sample apps
    My Q: Does it mean we need do camera calibration by ourselves before use the SDK?
  1. If you dive deep in the docs, you can see that it supports rectilinear lenses, so I assume that yes.

  2. I also assume that you need to calibrate using some other tool, after looking at the docs. It would be really nice to document the process better since it is not trivial.

For me the most important thing is having Linux support, I am on Debian and I cannot run the example since only a Windows .dll is provided.

Q: Is Linux support planned? It should not be too difficult, and for our use case it is a deal breaker.

I am no Nvidia employee, so my answers could be wrong. Some official input would be appreciated.

hi folks, I can’t download VRWorks 360 Video SDK from download center. What do you think the problem is?