Video Stitching on Jetson

Are there any libraries to stitch videos on the Jetson TX2 ? The NVIDIA VRWorks 360 video only works on Windows. I want to do a 360 video on the Jetson TX2.

hello anas.abuzaina,

you should implement this with gpu,
may i know how many source images you would like to stitch? what’s the stitch output resolution?

source is from three 4k CSI cameras.

I would like to know also Jerry please

You can use OpenCV for basic stitching tests I think. We used Opencv for our basic sticthing tests before but results are not suitable for a commercial product. So, for a robust implementation, you need to design an algorithm.

Thx for the info. I presume the stitch was not suitable for commercial applications because the color balance was not good enough? Please elaborate a little more thanks Fatihz

Some of the problems we saw with opencv are as follows.

It uses some proprietary algorithms inside which you need to purchase license in commercial use.
It doesnt work on vertical stitching. You can cope with this with a few tricks.
The stitched image output is not very successful in all test scenarios. The stitched area can change too much and is not very stable so you dont get a stable stitched image in all scenarios and there can be color balance issues too as you stated in different visual conditions.

PS IS anyone out there that could write an algorithm?

If you purchase the license, you think you can get good results?

The licensed algorithms are mainly on matching part. So, they solve some of the problems but not all of them.

Hi, we’re working on something very similar to this:

Hi Michael,

Is it something you can share?

What framerate do you get?

This is one obstacle of mine


Hi Fredrik,

You can see our performance metrics for the Xavier here:

We reach around 4k@50fps for a three camera setup.