Does VRWorks 360 support rigs with less FOV (e.g. 180 degrees)?

We are currently considering using VRWorks 360 for a live camera stitching project. We do have not have a 360 degrees rig though, ours is probably just 180 degrees total, made up of about 3 equatorial cameras.

As a quick test, I tried to reduce the number of cameras in the xml files used by nvss_sample from 8 to 4, but it looks like VRWorks tries to wrap the result as a “360 image” causing incorrectly distorted areas. I would have expected hard edges on the side cameras that are not overlapping.

Is less than 360 degrees rigs supported yet?

Hi Petter,

Did you find any answers or solutions to this?

Also looking for an answer to this, can’t seem to get a good calibration with 2 cameras ~60 deg HFOV each

Same here, seems like the stitcher is able to stitch partial view using “Region of interest stitch” available in SDK v2.0 but calibration can only be done on 360 degrees rigs.
Would love to have a calibrate function that can handle rigs with view lower then 360 degrees, by using custom height/width fov of each camera.