TX1 USB0_OTG_ID pin configuration when not used

I am not sure what to do with the USB0_OTG_ID pin when OTG is not used,
the USB port is used but the VBUS and OTG are not needed, should i use a pullup/pulldown or leave it open ?
thank you

Do you make your own custom board per oem design guide and not use A36 and B37? B39 and B40 are hooked to a USB2 type A port?

Please share more information.

Hi, I do my own PCB and use USB0 (B39,B40) for a Debug port connection
but i do not plan to use OTG or power from the USB debug port.
i dont have the connection type for the USB port yet, but i might just use pins for this and not a connector.

what are the right conditions for A36 and B37 in this case ?
Thank you

Please modify the port to host only:

usb2-micro-AB-xusb {
				nvidia,lanes = "otg-0";
				nvidia,function = "xusb";
				nvidia,port-cap =
				nvidia,usb3-port-fake = <3>;

Please check adaptation guide for detail about programming of USB lane mapping:

Please also turn on VBUS after booting to kernel. Two relative posts:

Hi DaneLLL, thank you.
i think i wasn’t clear on my question.
On A36 and B37 Pins, do i need pullup or pulldown resistors, or leave them open when OTG anf VBUS are not used ?

the information above is very relevant as well so thank you

Please leave the pins unconnected.