TX2 connectivity and USB 3.0 OTG

We have started a design of a carrier board that will use the TX2. This carrier card needs to have PCIe x4. I would like to be able to flash the eMMC just as the is done on the Jetson TX2 in fact, the Jetson TX2 interfaces are exactly what I need with one exception. I would like to have USB 3.0 OTG. The documentation seems to indicate that this is possible but after reading the TRM I am confused. How do I know which USB 2.0 to pair with the USB 3.0 (to complete the 3.0 connector) and how does the USB ID pin get know which USB ports make up the USB 3.0 OTG. I have a bad feeling that I am going to get this wrong in the schematic. Can you please provide a direction for me to start looking? I feel like I am spinning my wheels right now.

Please refer to design guide:

The ID pin is connected to USB2 micro port on devkit. You can connect it to the USB3 micro port on your carrier board.

On devkit, you also can verify USB3.0 OTG:
There is no HW ID pin, so it is switched by issuing

echo 0x1 > /sys/class/extcon/extcon0/state

Thank you for the reply. The documents you linked me to were very helpful.

Regarding the ID pin. You said I can connect it into the USB3.0 on my carrier card. How do I tell the TX2 that the ID pin is now attached to the USB 3.0 connector instead of the USB 2.0?


Is it correct that the ID pin is just monitored a gpio and then once the ID is read the USB 3.0 is then set to a device or host as you showed in your last post?

Hi, ID pin is connected to a GPIO of PMIC, which is to inform TX2 to enter host or device mode. As the designer, you know which USB3.0 port is combined with USB2.0 port and so you can set the mode of corresponding port when get the ID pin status. Please read the USB chapter in TRM and OEM DG for more detail info.

Hello, I would like to receive similar info about the usb3.0 OTG.

I’m developing a custom carrier board to be used with Jetson Tx2 Module. I would like to have a USB 3.0 port configured as an OTG port, like the Connection Example in Figure 22 (OEM DG Pag. 28).
In order to keep the USB2.0 Port #0 active to be available for USB Revovery Mode, my intention is to use this port as a Device only port (using one USB2 micro B connector) and a USB3.0 micro AB connector (mapped with USB_SS0 signals for the usb3, and USB1 for the usb2 signals) as a USB 3.0 OTG port. The USB_OTG_ID on pin A36 can be mapped to work with the USB 3.0 micro AB connector? Could I use another GPIO on the module to be mapped as a OTG ID?.

Also I would like to use the USB2.0 Port #2 interface as a Host port to a standard Type A Usb2.0 connector. How I deal in this case with the power enable VBUS_EN signal since USB_VBUS_EN0 and USB_VBUS_EN1 would be used for the USB2.0 Port #0 and USB3.0 Port #1 and USB_VBUS_EN2 is not connected?

In this link there’s my connection example

Thanks for the info and support

If you set USB0 to device only then the load switch is unnecessary and EN0 can be re-used.

Thanks for the reply,

So I could use USB_VBUS_EN0 and USB_VBUS_EN1 to control different ports compared to the default carrier board configuration (p2597_b04) and the USB_OTG_ID on pin A36 can be mapped to work with another port(that’s because as you stated some posts ago: There is no HW ID pin)?

Yes, EN0, EN1 and ID pin can be used for other port than reference design.