Tx2-4g r32.3.1 Updating the Bootloader Pinmux Nvidia Jetson Linux Developer Guide 32.5 Release FAILS

Based on Updating the Bootloader Pinmux the following FAILED. I was testing so I redirected output to see what was going to be created, fat chance.

kernel/pinmux/t186$ python pinmux-dts2cfg.py --pinmux addr_info.txt gpio_addr_info.txt por_val.txt --mandatory_pinmux_file mandatory_pinmux.txt \

tegra18x-jetson-tx2-default-template-pinmux.dtsi \
tegra18x-jetson-tx2-default-template-gpio-default.dtsi 1.0 \
> junk.cfg

usage: pinmux [–pinmux] [–mandatory_pinmux_file MANDATORY_PINMUX_FILE]
[–mask] [–help]
address_info_file gpio_address_file por_val_file pinmux_dts_file
gpio_dts_file version
pinmux: error: argument pinmux_dts_file: can’t open ‘tegra18x-jetson-tx2-default-template-pinmux.dtsi’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘tegra18x-jetson-tx2-default-template-pinmux.dtsi’


hello terrysu50z,

may I know how you generate those dtsi files, also, are you execute the conversion within JetPack-4.5?
please share the detail steps for reference,

the dsti files are missing from the “kernel/pinmux/t186” dir, that is the problem. I am following the documentation in the title.


hello terrysu50z,

you’ll need to use pinmux spreadsheets for generating dtsi files for the usage.