UART output at 100mV

I am trying to get my jetson nano developer kit to communicate with an Arduino mega over uart. I couldn’t get the two to talk to each other so I looked at the signal with an oscilloscope. The output of the jetson is 100mV not 1.8V. I am using the J44 headers on port ttyS0. I have tried all of the other UART headers as well and ports ttyTHS1\ttyTHS2. on the 8 pin I am getting 10mV. I am using cuteConsole to generate the UART signals for testing.

Here is a screenshot from my scope it is an analog discovery 2. I am just sending random characters here. The baud is 4800(i made it slow for debugging), and the configuration is 8N2. This is on the J44 header on port ttyS0.

I did connect the Arduino and jetson without a level shifter at one point but would that have broken the Jetson? Also, It is not the attenuation on the oscilloscope I made sure. I have done a lot of searching for a solution and I have not been able to find a solution or anyone with the same problem?

Has anyone else had this problem? Is my Jetson just broken? is there any way to fix it?

Are you able to get debug message through the UART port if you connect the port to a host PC? This is the default usage and should work fine. If you even cannot run this successfully, probably the Jetson Nano developer kit is broken.

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