Problem UART RS232 jetson nano

I have a problem on the serial communication on the 40-Pin Header (J6) of the jetson nano board.

I tried to produce a serial communication between a laptop PC with a USB-RS232 converter and pins 8 (UARTT1_TXD), 10 (UART1_RXD) and 6 (GND), but it doesn’t work.

using an oscilloscope, I observe that the voltage levels on the Jetson side are between 0 and 3.3 V
and on the USB converter side is between -5V and 5V

I think that problem is related to the voltage level. how to change the level of UART voltages between -3.3V and 3.3V. Can you help me ?

many thanks

For nano, the voltage is fixed. Maybe you can convert it with level shift or other design, but we have no suggestion on this.

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