UART between Jetson Nano and PC

Hi, I connect two UART pins on J41 of my Jetson Nano board, with my serial to usb cable, to my PC. It is ttyTHS1 under /dev/ , am I right?
When I launched serial utility on PC(win 10), try to open the COM port it detected with the setting (115200,8bit), it failed to open the port. Do I need to do something on Jetson Nano so that I can open the port by serial utility on PC?

UART on the J41, it is a general purpose UART not a debug console.
And cause of 3.3V TTL, you may use a TTL to USB serial cable.

Then you can use UART comm. via J41.

Yes. I do use a TTL serial to USB cable.
What I want to know is, if I want to let my PC communiate with Jetson Nano via this UART, by my TTL serial to USB cable, using Serial Utility tool on my PC, do I need to something else? For example, to open this port on Jetson Nano?

For me, nothing else.
Only minicom needs for me at my ubuntu desktop.

Jetson Nano side, there is a simple UART demo:

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