Jetson Nano serial communication with external device

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I’m trying to create a communication channel between my Jetson Nano board and a second device that could be a laptop, a raspberry or another Jetson Nano as well. I’m trying to do it just using a simple male-male USB cable and the pyserial library, but I am facing a problem that I’m not able to solve and understand: when I plug the cable on both the Jetson Nano and the second device, for example a Windows 10 PC, I cannot see any ttyUSB0 device attached to the Jetson nano under the /dev directory (there are no differences at all doing the ls of the directory with the USB cable plugged and unplugged).

Can someone please tell me why I am failing and maybe give me some tips to make it works? It is not mandatory to use the USB cable, it could also be an Ethernet one, but I would like to avoid the UART interface because I don’t have the hardware to use it (the cable with all the female pins).

Thank you very much in advance.

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For USB communication, usually once device is in host mode and the other is in device mode. In connecting to Windows 10 PC, you may connect with micro to type A USB cable to run Nano in device mode.

You should see README pop up: