No USB Serial port on Windows 10

The Jetson Nano 2GB does not show up as connected to Windows 10 via its micro USB port. Seems to be a problem with USB Serial ports. Any ideas?

Before asking more, some USB info might be useful:

  • The port will only show up if it is in device mode.
  • For the micro-B, device mode is triggered by the correct micro-B cable ID detect being seen by the Jetson.
  • What shows up is completely custom to any computer which implements a B type connector. OTC accepts either, which is why the detect pin is needed.
  • By default a Jetson shows up as a custom device when in recovery mode. This should never fail, otherwise it implies hardware error. Being able to see recovery mode is a good test of hardware function. Windows does not know how to work with this custom device (recovery mode).
  • Security and other local settings can get in the way of using a device mode USB port. For example, there may be settings to say to not use network adapters as a network device until ok’d. Similar if mass storage is not automatically allowed.
  • A running Jetson has a default sample of both a network interface and mass storage (read only). For various reasons this might fail even if the hardware is good.
  • The micro-B cable provided with the dev kit is very good quality. Most charger cables would be able to detect device mode, but would fail during sustained data transfer.
  • If the issue is signal quality, then sometimes a HUB in-between can help or hurt. Sometimes a different port can help or hurt. Trying different ports may change results in the case of signal quality.

It is worth asking if you are using the supplied, cable, but it is unlikely this is the cause of the problem. A bad cable would tend to imply initial detection, but failing later during sustained data transfer.

Do you have a Linux computer to plug the micro-USB cable into (full size connector at the host PC)? How does this work on another PC? This is probably the number one test to try. If the port works on some other computer, then we know the Jetson has device mode running on the port. If so, then perhaps security on the other host is the issue. If not, then I suspect the Jetson itself.

During the test are you sure the Jetson is up and running and accessible, e.g., via ssh or local keyboard/monitor?

When you say the Nano does not show up as connected, what is it you are connecting? Having a web interface work would require the virtual network interface to work, which in turn could be denied due to security.

I am new to trying the jetson nano 4GB developer kit B01 version and am doing the “Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano” tutorial. I flashed the SD card and my jetson nano card works well (ubuntu, terminal …) with an hdmi screen and a usb keyboard and a usb mouse (I followed the tutorial to configure it correctly in 4GB and it seems work well). But, when I connect my jetson card in headless device mode on pin J28, windows 10 does not recognize anything !? I changed my PC - nothing, I changed the cable - nothing, I tested with another card with a micro B type usb port - no problem. In windows device manager I switched to show hidden devices mode - nothing. I specify that I power my jetson, then 30 seconds later, I connect my usb cable (the power is good). I also tested without feeding it - nothing.
I’m afraid this card is dead but I just bought it with the camera, power supply and SD card kit, and yet it is more expensive than an esp card … If you have any ideas, thank you in advance. Have a good day.

I started all over again (SD initialization, 4GB …) and it works now. Where was the problem? …

There are a lot of little details where something might go wrong. It is hard to say in this case. You would have needed a full serial console boot log prior to reinstalling if there was to be any chance of knowing what went wrong.