Jetson nano 2gb isn’t doing anything

I just got a jetson nano 2gb, I reflashed the sd card twice and everything is hooked up correctly, when I search for it in the device manager it doesn’t show up with micro usb plugged in, I can’t find the hdmi connection either. It doesn’t boot or even show the nvidia logo. Am I missing something or is the board not working how it’s supposed to?

Can you provide more information about how you have set it up, specifically:

  • what peripherals are connected directly to the Nano?
  • how are you powering the Nano? …what state is the jumper 48 on the Board
  • How are you trying to interact with the Nano (directly with keyboard/mouse/screen or over an Ethernet connection or from a host over serial etc)

Your reference to “when I search for it in the device manager…” has me a little confused in reference to the three dots points above.

So I got my power supply powering the usb-c power chord which is hooked up, the micro USB port is connected to the computer and the hdmi port is connected as well. In the usb slots I only have the wifi adapter and my keyboard plugged in. I don’t have the camera hooked up yet either.

I don’t see the jumper 48 on the board, I didn’t think that the 2gb version had one but I may be wrong

I’m using a wireless keyboard and mouse and a wifi adapter that are plugged in to the USB ports

When I attempt to find it in the ports section on the device manager for windows 10 I see no usb or hdmi plugged in, I’m very new to this so I’m not sure what it could be. Thanks for the help

  1. Does the led on the board even light up when you connect the power cable?


This page teach how to enable serial console. You may check if anything is printed when you power on the device.

Here’s a video because I can’t explain it super well

Ok, there is the green LED, so the board is powered on.

Then I think you need to set up as the elinux page shows to dump the uart log. This method can give precise result.

I’m having a similar problem later on, I just downloaded the sdk manager and it still doesn’t seem to see my jetson.

Do you know that you have to put your board into recovery mode before running sdkmanager?

If you don’t put board into recovery mode, the sdkmanager cannot detect it.

Check the quick start guide from our download center.