Unable to get Jetson Nano 2gb to boot

Hello! We are trying to get a Jetson Nano 2gb up and running for a research project. We are unable to get it to boot. We have followed all the quick start instructions, but no matter what we do, we can’t get it to boot. Upon plugging in the power adapter, the board’s power LED turns to green, but there is no video output. We also tried to connect via putty, however when we plug it into the computer and look in device manager, no new devices appear. Is this a common issue? Is our Jetson Nano 2gb dead? Your help is greatly appreciated.

What is your setup with putty? Is it going through uart or you just use micro usb?

We’re using the micro USB port

Is this PuTTY on Windows, or on Linux? If it is Linux, then you can monitor the logs via “dmesg --follow”, and then plug in the micro-USB and see what logs show up. Not sure if or how Windows logs that, but either way, lack of VGA is always a bad method of determining if boot failed (VGA has a lot of things which can go wrong, e.g., using a cable adapter quite often causes failure since it might not support the DDC wire).

If you have a serial UART to use to monitor the serial console during boot (which can be monitored by PuTTY when looking at the right serial port, but requiring its own wiring), then this is by far the best method to use. See:

Note that the direct micro-B USB creates a network device if fully booted and all first boot setup is complete. Whether the host PC allows that device might depend on security…host PCs are not always set up to allow random network devices to just be used without a security setup intervention.

You need to use the uart to check. The console on the usb port is only up after kernel is up.

If your board fails to boot into kernel, then that console will not show up.

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