Jetson Nano 2gb devkit, LED on, not booting

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Using: Jetson Nano 2gb devkit with today’s jetson-nano-2gb-jp451-sd-card-image
No log text is available, because Linux cannot find serial port.

The green LED is on, but the device won’t boot; neither with monitor nor headless
I have tried several SD cards, 32GB ultra, 32GB extreme, 64GB extreme
I flashed the SD card using the integrated SD slot on the Laptop, and etcher validation went through.
The power supply comes from an original RPi 4: 5.1V3A

edit: I have seen this problem several times now. From the comment below it seems you need a special UART cable to read out the serial logs, which the majority of people do not have.
Also, as seen from other posts, similar to this, it happens frequently that the Jetson Nano is dead on arrival (DOA). I have therefore sent mine back to the seller and will try again from a different distributor this afternoon.

Thank you all for your help.

I am not sure if you are using “usb port” to check the log now,

if so, please use the UART serial port to dump the log instead.

yes, I used the micro “USB Port” as it is described in the Getting Started Manual.

I have given up on the hardware and will try with a new one (see edit above). Thanks for your help.

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I think you can still buy a cable to dump UART log and it may benefit your next device as well.

Honestly, it is a very common tool when debugging jetson nano system issue. If you check other posts that are related to flash/boot on this forum, you will find it out.

Also, sdcard image sometimes are not stable so actually I would suggest to try sdkmanager too.

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