Jetson Nano isn't respond when plugin UART jumps on J44

Hello, I’m using Nano and I want to use UART port which available on J44.
Unfortunately, when I plugin 2 jumps (J44.2 and 3 - TX RX), (Uart Chanel on J41 is already used so I had already connected group with my stm32), my Jetson Nano was not responding, Immediately. I can not access through Screen (with mouse and keyboard) or remote via LAN putty. It seems to be shut down when the green led still light up.
Anyone can tell me what happened? Many thanks.

Please refer to

Hi DaneLLL, many thanks to your reply.
I have read the topic you reffered, and I see that their problem has a bit different from me. My jetson nano even does not respond any thing with any way to access from Putty (network) or screen and keyboard, mouse.
And I am using this uart chanel with microcontroller (stm32), not PC.
I think problem come from the configure, J44 may be used for any system tasks. but I don’t have any idea about it.

J44 is

[J44] Carrier board rev A02 only: 3.3V serial port header; provides access to the UART console.

So you don’t need the function and ground TX to RX? Not sure what plugin 2 jump means. Please share more information.

I have used UART Chanel on J41, and the ground has already connected to the microcontroller, I think I don’t need to connect again on J44. So I just connected TX and RX jump on J44 to UART pins on the microcontroller (that means plugin 2 jumps) but when I tried with ground pin on J44, Jetson still not responding

Since you have got UART log from J41, maybe you can leave J44 untouched.

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