How to connect NVIDIA Jetson Nano to a velacio PLC using RS485


I want to establish serial communication between Jetson nano and a Velacio PLC.
The Velacio(in this case) is used to control stepper motors in this case and I would need the feedback of the position of the motors.
Pins 8,10 on the J41 header for serial communication and J50 automation header are already used up.
I was wondering if it is possible to establish communication via USB to RS485 or even USB to RS232 convertors?

The Velacio PLC also supports Modbus RTU protocol and can be setup easily via s/w as shown below.

please refer to similar topic as see-also, Jetson Nano Half Duplex UART (For RS485) - #14 by JerryChang

Hello @JerryChang, thank you for the prompt response.

Just to clarify on the same, what reworks needs to be done on the controller side of things?
Does an RS485 to TTL convertor adapter like this, (RS485 to TTL Converter) work fine?

Also, would I have to use a logic level shifter since nano’s logic level is only 3.3V

We don’t provide such rework. For USB to RS485 which should be handled by external converter, for Jetson, it is just a USB port. And so to the UART to RS485, customer should handle this by external converter. For Jetson UART connection please refer to the design guide.

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