Ubuntu doesn't recognize HDMI and doesn't connect the second screen

Hello there,
I am trying to connect my second screen to my laptop, but the laptop is failing to recognize the HDMI port even when i connect it and go to display it doesn’t recognize that an HDMI input have been connected… I am using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and i have tried to change the nvidia drivers from the additional drivers, I have changed to lightdm from gdm, I have tried to upgrade and update Ubuntu, I have tried everything possible but nothing seemed to be working… here is my logging file
nvidia-bug-report.log (1.4 MB)

Please disable secure boot in bios.

It really didn’t solve the problem

Please create a new nvidia-bug-report.log

when i disable secure boot ubuntu stuck on black screen With a blinking cursor

Please create it immediately after re-enabling secure boot or try booting to recovery mode.

I still can’t get into the GUI i get w black screen right after the ubuntu logo loaded up… i can’t get access to the OS desktop

Can you switch to a VT and log in there? ctrl+alt+f4
If you have internet connection, you can use pastebinit to upload it from console.

  • install pastebinit (sudo apt install pastebinit)
  • unzip logfile (gunzip nvidia-bug-report.log.gz)
  • upload logfile (pastebinit -i nvidia-bug-report.log)
  • note down and post the url you’re given

How can i open the virtual terminal?