Ubuntu - nVidia X Server not sharing desktop with secondary monitors.


I have (3) gtx-980ti and 3 monitors. I’ve installed a dual boot Win10 and Ubuntu on a xeon workstation. When running Ubuntu, I have 1 desktop active on one monitor but the other two will only allow the cursor to scroll across the black screen.

If I launch X server, I can see my video cards are present and identified properly. The monitors register as well. But there is no option to “twin view” and running ximera will lock up the system on reboot.

As I said, the card are working and will allow the mouse cursor to appear on the other two screens, but I cannot drag an app or desktop over to them. The cursor changes from a pointer (on the active desktop) to an “X” when I pass to the other monitors.

What can I do so that all three monitors will be operational?

bug report https://we.tl/t-Yck7tRt83P