Ultralytics YOLO and CUDA for Jetson Nano 4.6

Basically, I have a jetson nano with jetpack 4.6 and I want to use YOLO with CUDA acceleration

The problem is that to install ultralytics, python needs to be >3.7, and jetpack’s is 4.6.

Even if I install python greater than 3.7, pytorch would not work, since I need to install pytorch and torchvision as stated in PyTorch for Jetson

And pytoch for jetpack 4.6 is only compatible with python 3.6

In short: to install pytorch and use cuda, I need python3.6, but to install ultralutics, it has to be python greater than 3.7

I’m stuck on this.


Please build the PyTorch for Python 3.7 from the source.
You can find the instructions below:


Hello, thanks for answering, but I couldn’t find Pytorch for Python 3.7, it’s from 3.6 and now jumps to 3.8 on Jetpack 5, could you help me with that?


We only provide the package with the default Python version.
For Python 3.7, please build it from the source.


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