Unable to download Pre-trained model


I have been exploring the classification notebook within /workspace/examples. In section 1.3 Download pre-trained model, when I run tlt-pull -k $API_KEY -lm -o nvtltea -t iva , I am prompted to give my own organization & team names in -o and -t arguments respectively. I did the same but I got an empty list of pre-trained models. Can someone let me know what can be done to download pre-trained models ?




May I ask where did you get the team name? I can claim the org name from upper right menu but no luck with the team name.

Thanks in advance.


When you have approved or added to nvtltea/iva, you will able to select ORG/TEAM from a popup when logging to NGC.


I can successfully login NGC and get my API key,but I cannot download pretrained models.I have been struggling for several days.

May I ask how you added to nvtltea/iva? Could you give some tips or provide a few websites in detail?

Thank you very much!!

Hi zbw4034,
Please try again, downloading models should work for you now