Unable to locate Omniverse Launcher download

Hey, I am just trying to get started with Omniverse and already failing on the first step - locating where I can download the launcher from. The official Nvidia page has just a “Platform SDK” and “Cloud APIs” options, and all launcher links from official tutorials lead to this SDK (kit-sdk-public@106.0.0-prod.2+master.161.c5fde6d1.gl.windows-x86_64.release). My understanding is that I need an Omniverse Launcher Installer, not an SDK. Am I missing something?

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last time i checked, the SDK is what you’re looking for. it will prompt some info to be filled out before being directed to the Launcher download.

I also have this problem, I download the Platform SDK but it does not contain omniverse-launcher-linux.AppImage

And here is what I have got:

How can I launch omniverse? Is there any documentation about this?
Thank you

Hi, I found omniverse-launcher-linux.AppImage can be download from

Hope this can help you~

I don’t think they were referring to the name, the problem seems to be that the downloaded files, don’t contain a .exe file nor a .AppImage for the user to use. You only get a compressed versions of some other files (?).
I also used the “Previous SDK versions” button and was able to install the launcher.

Following the Kit SDK download link for Windows, you don’t get a .exe either. The only way to get the installer for the launcher is to select one of the links under “Presious SDK versions are available on Omniverse Launcher for Windows or Linux”, which is what everyone here is trying to point out. This is very unintuitive, and it would be surprising if this is the intended way to download the launcher.

Correct. The top link is for the SDK only. The bottom link, the 3rd link refers to the Launcher.

So, the SDK isn’t the launcher. They are two separate things, and currently, the launcher doesn’t have an intuitive way to access it. You have to start the download process for the SDK, fill in a form, and then follow the link meant for getting an older version of the SDK, which gives you the launcher… There are multiple comments from different people about this here and on Discord. Can we have this issue addressed by adding a download link to the launcher on the Omniverse Get Started page?

Sorry, I think you are getting confused. Here are the three links you are given. The top line is our SDK. The second line is our docs. The third line is our LAUNCHER. If you want the Launcher do the 3rd line.


Hey, I was able to get the launcher after the first comment that showed this. I was trying to point out that the launcher should be made more easily accessible. Otherwise, you will be getting many similar questions in the future.

The current process to get the launcher is: Go to the Omniverse page > click “Get Started” > decide to click “Download SDK Now” even though you are looking for the launcher > fill in a form > click on one of the links on the third line which are presented as something you need if you are looking for an old version of the SDK

For the sake of the community, something like this would be much clearer and more intuitive: Go to the Omniverse page > click “Get Started” > click on “Download Launcher Now” > fill in a form > get a link for the launcher


Thanks for the feedback

I just spent an hour trying to figure out why I couldn’t find the download for Omniverse Launcher. There are only links to “download SDK” or “Cloud” on the “Get started” page… I downloaded the SDK but it didn’t contain launcher or any runnable program… Very confusing…

Eventually I found this forum post and read all the comments and I still could not find it until i read the june 18th post… i would have not known where to see those links unless I had already mistakenly went to the SDK download page though…

If i had not downloaded SDK by mistake, and found this forum post, I would not have found the launcher at all and just used apple’s product to do what our company was trying

I almost gave up on this thinking that omniverse launcher wasn’t supported/didnt exist anymore

It makes no sense that to download Launcher, we would have to click on “download SDK”… and then click on “get previous versions of SDK in launcher”… How would anyone figure that out who just wants the launcher and not the SDK?? (most people)

(I even asked ChatGPT 4 turbo (it can browse the web to search) and it could not figure out where to download Launcher from either, it told me not to click the “download SDK” button actually)


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