Unable to read HC05 bluetooth module data using UART in Jetson nano 2 gb

I have used gpio tx and rx pins to interface a HC05 Bluetooth module. After downloading the UART git repository and running the sample uart py file I have been able to successfully retrieve data from the Bluetooth module, I am using my mobile to send junk data through Bluetooth to the module.

The problem is the data that is showing in the console is in some raw form and not the string data or numerical data that I am sending.

How can I get the exact data that I am sending. Thanks in advance

I don’t know the content of your python tool or how it works. But just clarify this first, does the the hex form you received really match to the string you sent? Using some converter to check the raw form of ASCII code should find it out.

Thanks for your reply Mr Wayne, I am actually sending different strings at a time, for instance ‘abx’, ‘bam’, ‘cat’ etc. Also sometimes I am sending numerical values but in either of the cases I am getting the same output as the picture.

After using the converter tool I am getting this result:
98 39 92 120 48 48 39
but I was actually sending random strings and numbers as stated above, hence the hex form in the picture is not matching the string/number I sent. But everytime I send something I am receiving the data in the above notation.

Thanks in advance

I am using this mobile app to send data, this app allows to send/receive the data in both ascii and hex format. But in whichever format and whatever value I send I receive the same data of b’\x00’

Hello there, the issue is solved now, just had to change the baud rate. Thank you.