Unable to recognize PCIE device

The Jetson Xavier carrier board I made myself uses the PCIE X8 from the motherboard (communicating with FPGA). After powering on, lspci cannot recognize the PCIE device

log1.txt (114.2 KB)

You should know that normally PCIe is “hot plug”. That means that a device not immediately detected could be detected if it attaches to the bus at a later time. A PC would keep the PCIe powered just for that purpose even if nothing is attached. Jetsons are conserving power; the PCIe is powered during early boot, but if nothing is detected at some stage of boot, then the bus is powered off. Quite often an FPGA takes time to initialize, which in turn is often beyond the time given for detection, and so the FPGA won’t be detected.

I can’t tell you specifics of how to do this (someone from NVIDIA will likely comment), but either:

  • The “power off” of PCIe can be disabled, or
  • There is a way to manually tell the PCIe to turn back on and attempt to manually trigger detect.

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