PCIe is not detected, however after several reboots, it is


I’m developing a project with Jetson AGX Xavier DVK. Jetson serves as the PCIe root complex, and I have an Intel Arria10 FPGA-based customized card for our project, which serves as the end point. I took PCIe x4 from the M.2 Key M slot and PCIe x8 from the Jetson AGX Xavier’s X16 connector.

I’m not using any root complex power(3.3V,12V). I turned on the Jetson first, then our Arria10 board. At that time, the PCIe is not detecting. The PCie detects after a few restarts of the Jetson. I don’t restart the Arria10 board.

Not sure what could be the reason, Pl let me know if you have any idea.

Maybe need to some PCIE scan delay after boot the device.

Can you please elaborate on how to do that?

Can you pl tell me, Which all pins I need to check after the first boot?

Pl explain How to do it?

Try to manually bind and unbind your device under /sys/bus/pci and see if it will manually bring the device up.


FW team is working on it. I will update once it is done.

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