Unable to sample NACA 0012 symmetrical airfoil

I am trying to simulate flow across NACA 0012 airfoil. The formula for the shape of NACA 0012 is -
yt = 5t(0.2969*sqrt(x) - 0.1260*x - 0.3516*x^2 +0.2843*x^3 - 0.1036*x^4) ,
x is the position along the cord(0 to 1)
yt is the half thickness at a given value of x
t is the maximum thickness as a fraction of the chord, here t = 12% or 0.12

The coordinates for upper and lower surface of the airfoil are (xu,yu) and (xl,yl), where,
xu = xl = x, yu = yt and yl = -yt

Can someone please help me with the custom geometry class required to sample the airfoil? I am attaching an image of NACA 0012 for your reference.

Thanks in advance