2D Geometry from file

The Modulus user guide suggests two different ways to define the geometry. We can either use the Geometry module, or we can import from an STL file. I haven’t worked with STL files much, but it seems like they are all 3D. Is there any way to use a file to define all or part of a 2D geometry, or are 2D simulations only possible with shapes in the Geometry module?

Hi @gemma.mason

Right now the tessellated geometry support (STL files) in Modulus only supports 3D objects. It relies on 3D ray tracing to determine interior points, so an enclosed volume is needed.

There is arbitrary polygon support in the geometry module for 2D, but it can be a bit slow for complex shapes with lots of lines (see airfoil example).

Thank you for the response! Might I inquire as to the location of the arbitrary polygon support? I am using version 22.3 and would have expected to find it in modulus.geometry.csg.csg_2d, but it doesn’t seem to be there. Are you sure it’s still supported?

Hi @gemma.mason

This was a feature that was added in later versions of Modulus. You’ll need to use Modulus version 22.07 or 22.09 to have access to this feature. Here is its location in the current source code and example file for reference.

Ah, I see I am behind the times! Thank you very much for your help.

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