Unable to get 3D geometry in Modulus

I am unable to run a pipeline with 3D geometry from STL files (even from Modulus examples: Blood Flow in Intracranial Aneurysm).
I get an error when I define the mesh as True (to make it a closed surface):

interior_mesh = Tessellation.from_stl(
    point_path + "/aneurysm_closed.stl", airtight=True

But then I get the following error:

And it seems there is an issue with the closed geometry.

Then, I try with False (meaning it would be an open geometry)

And I get an error for it not having any volume.

The machine being used is Dgx1 using redhat8 and I am running it inside a podman container. I am using an official Nvidia container for modulus with version Modulus v22.09. I have access to the GPUs and driver’s version.

I have successfully run other Nvidia examples that don’t involve STL files nor 3D geometries.

Any comment or feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you for the help!

Hi @maria-jose.castano-sanche

Thanks for trying out Modulus. This is a rather unusual problem given that your using the docker container. What is the current CUDA version / drivers you’re using. This Modulus container is based on CUDA 11.7, which requires NVIDIA Driver release 515. Wondering if its an issue related to CUDA versions.

Thank you for getting back to me. The cuda is 11.4 and drivers 470.129.06 that I am currently using. Is there a Modulus version fit for these parameters? Or is there anything to be done?
Thank you!