Unable to see video analytics with metropolis

I installed Metropolis ai_nvr sample on a Jetson Orin NX 16GB. I have connected it to an IP Camera (Axis M3065-V) and am able to see live video in the livestream tab.

However, when I open VLC to rtsp://localhost:8555/ds-test or rtsp://localhost:8556/ds-test, VLC is unable to open the stream.

docker logs -f deepstream prints the following:
Active sources: 1
Mon Feb 12 22:58:15 2024
29.05 (29.28) source_id : 0 stream_name AXIS-M3065-V

Active sources : 0
Mon Feb 12 22:58:15 2024

ps. I had installed a second stream from a video file through nvstreamer, and I have since removed that stream.

Are you trying to play the output stream on the same Jetson Orin device? If not, you will need to use the device IP rather than localhost. Based on the log snippet you posted, the overlay stream at rtsp://<IP-OF-JETSON>:8555/ds-test should be up. rtsp://<IP-OF-JETSON>:8556/ds-test will not work as there are currently no sources on the second pipeline on your system.

If that does not work, please try restarting the DeepStream container using sudo docker restart deepstream , wait until the stream appears again in DeepStream logs, then try playing the overlay stream.