What is the URL and port to see the Deepstream Output on the VLC media player in Jetson platform services?

I follow a Quick Start guide.

All the platform services and the docker-compose on Jetson Orin Nano are running fine. I can launch NVStreamer docker composer successfully and able to upload the video on nvstreamer at http://[NVStreamer-IP]:31000

But when adding the RTSP stream generated by the NVStreamer to the VST, The VST does not open at http://[JETSON-IP]:30080/vst/. but can open at http://[JETSON-IP]:81 i.e. using port 81 and removing /vst/

So I can add the RTSP stream at VST using http://[JETSON-IP]:81 and able to see the video at live stream.

Even I can see the Deepstream Logs.

What is the URL and port to see the Deepstream Output on the VLC media player?

I remember previously Processed video output can be viewed as an RTSP stream accessible at rtsp://:8555/ds-test and rtsp://:8556/ds-test

But now these URLs with port numbers do not work.


To use VST at port 30080, you must first copy the ingress config files to the correct location (as specified here: Quick Start Guide — Metropolis on Jetson documentation 0.1.0 documentation) then start ingress using sudo systemctl start jetson-ingress.

RTSP output at port 8555 and 8556 are no longer supported by default with the latest release. These were RTSP outputs directly from DeepStream. Instead, you can view tripwire and ROI overlays directly in VST. Alternatively, if you still need the DeepStream output, you may modify DeepStream configs to reenable this feature.


thanks for your response, and sorry for the late reply.

You must first copy the ingress config files to the correct location

Which ingress config files, where it is located, and what is meant by the correct location?

You meant this

sudo cp ai_nvr/config/ai-nvr-nginx.conf /opt/nvidia/jetson/services/ingress/config/

then I already did that.

Anyway, I think the issue is due to I was running an old NVStreamer container, now I run the latest application bundle, and the problem is resolved.


Thanks for your conformation. Please use all the latest packages for JPS in: Jetson Platform Services Reference Workflow & Resources | NVIDIA NGC

@hfarooq @kesong

I remember the RTSP output at ports 8555 and 8556 is with bounding boxes around the people, maybe the deepstream is using the PeopleNet model.

Which part of the Deepstream Config file I should modify to get the Deepstrem Output as RTSP out in the VLC media player?

The quickest/easiest way would be to switch to the legacy DeepStream test5 application and config as these still have the RTSP output sink defined. You can do this by modifying the “command” line under the “deepstream” service in the docker compose yaml file.

Since you are running on Orin Nano, this can be changed to:
command: sh -c 'deepstream-test5-app -c /ds-config-files/pn26/ds-config_nano.txt 2>&1 | grep --line-buffered . | tee -a /log/deepstream.log

A similar change would be necessary if running on other platforms.

You should also first check this ds-config_nano.txt file and make sure the RTSP output sink is enabled.

Also, as Orin Nano only supports software encode, the DeepStream container will need to be modified to install additional packages to support this. To do so, you will need to run the DeepStream container, then within the container run the user_additional_install.sh and update_rtpmanager.sh scripts found in the /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-7.0 directory. Afterwards, you can commit the container with these changes locally and modify the docker compose config to point to this new local container.