Unable to setup Cuda and Nvidia drivers

I am setting everything on Ubuntu 22.04, with GTX 1660Ti graphics card.
I have a code that I wanted to run which requires to be build on Cuda 11.8. I had Nvidia driver 535 and Cuda 11.5 so I thought to remove the cuda and upgrade it. But everytime I install and setup cuda, the Nvidia driver refuses to communicate and when I debug that cuda fails. I have tried every permutation and combination of driver and toolkit. The attached log files are from latest attempt where I removed everything installed cuda and then using the prompt from the terminal installing the drivers.

# Here I only installed the cuda 
sudo sh cuda_11.8.0_520.61.05_linux.run
# Then I ran the below command to install the driver
sudo sh cuda_11.8.0_520.61.05_linux.run --silent --driver

cuda-installer.log (863 Bytes)
nvidia-installer.log (135.8 KB)