Unable to specify CSI Camera to use with VisionWorks examples

Hey there,
on my Jetson Nano 4G B01 running the latest JetPack 4.5.1 release I am unable to change the CSI camera used in the VisionWorks nvx_sample_nvgstcamera_capture example.
Every information i could find tells me to add an index to the input string (like so:“device:///nvcamera?index=1”).
However this does not work for me, it completely ignores the index I add to it.
After searching around in the source files i found this line in “/usr/share/visionworks/sources/nvxio/src/NVX/FrameSource.cpp”:

return makeUP<GStreamerNvCameraFrameSourceImpl>(0);

When I change the 0 to a 1 and rebuild everything the mentioned example now uses camera 1 instead of camera 0.
So my understanding of this is that the 0 should not be hardcoded and ive stumbled over a bug.
Of course if I completely missed sth. or missunderstood the way youre supposed to select the camera to use feel free to correct me and please tell me the right way to do it.
Greetings from germany

Thanks for pointing it out. Since the samples are open source, you can apply the modification directly.

We are migrating functions of VisionWorks to VPI. You can check VPI and give it a try.