Unable to use A4000 with Ubuntu 20.04


the system doesn’t use the GPU. Doesn’t matter how I try to force and the application, it always uses CPU. This results in crashes and black screens in any kind of 3D application. I’m not going into system detail since I found them in the nvidia-bug-report.log.


nvidia-smi always looks like this, no matter the task:

So far I’ve tried:

  • Different variations of GPU driver installation approaches (incl. blacklisting noveau, different versions, insecure-mode, complete new installation)


nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (368.2 KB)

You are running a vm with virtual graphics. Connect the monitor to the nvidia gpu and configure X to use the nvidia gpu as primary.

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Okay, thank you. I’ve checked that.

Yeah, I’m running a VM on a ESXi.

I’m not able to connect the monitor to the GPU (different locations…).

Is there no solution to that for Ubuntu? Our Windows VMs are working well in that setup.

Since the vmware gfx driver doesn’t support PRIME, you can only try to use bumblebee, like mentioned in the linked thread.

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I just checked the vmwgfx driver code and it seems there’re some preparation done for prime implementation but likely just stubs.
Please post the output of
xrandr --listproviders

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Hey generix,

Thanks keeping up the thought.

xrandr --listproviders

PS: I’ll also test it with bumblebee later.

The vmware DDX doesn’t even seem to register as prime provider, please check if you can configure X to use the modesetting driver instead. Maybe create something like

Section "OutputClass"
	Identifier "vmw-modesetting"
	MatchDriver "vmwgfx"
	Driver "modesetting"