Understanding Tao models commercial licensing

We are developing a project using the DeepStream SDK 6.4. I understand that DeepStream is commercial free, but I couldn’t find detailed information about the licensing for the tao models and built in Nvidia NvDCF tracker.

We want to use trainable peoplenet (DetectNet_v2 + ResNet34) to add some different detection objects to the model.

So, can I use Deepstream SDK, peoplenet and nvDCF tracker for commercial project?

I’ve seen that NVIDIA AI Enterprise licensing comes with a high cost. This licensing has confused me about what it covers.

Thank you.

For training peoplenet (DetectNet_v2 + ResNet34) to add some different detection objects, there is not no license issue.
For Deepstream SDK and nvDCF tracker, please create a topic in Deepstream forum. Thanks.

Thank you for your reply.

“Are TAO Toolkit models free for commercial use? Yes. For exact licensing terms, refer to model EULA. However, unencrypted models are only available with NVIDIA AI Enterprise licenses.”

I saw this, but I couldn’t understand what unencrypted models are. I would appreciate it if you could provide information on this. Thanks.

Since TAO 5.0, the code is open source. And actually you can train and get a hdf5 model and export to onnx. In this case, your new model is unencrypted. You can use it.

As far as I understand, the NVIDIA Enterprise license provides advantages such as access to pretrained model weights, biases, rather than granting commercial usage rights. I was having trouble understanding why models free when there’s an option to sell it with an enterprise license.

I’m glad that PeopleNet is suitable for commercial use.
Thank you.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue anymore. Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one. Thanks

Hi, we will update the page to avoid confusion.
For the peoplenet in ngc, users can not sell it for commercial use.
If they trained a new model with peoplenet as pretrained weight, their new model can be for commercial use.

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