Uninstallation problems, help please.

I installed the latest 390.xxx driver for Linux onto Debian 9 Stretch (which the basis for Ubuntu 17 from all accounts).

Running a laptop with a Geforce GT 420M chipset.

After install, everything was fine for half an hour with desktop up and running.

I then got a persistent app crash dialogue. I did not note the app but it was likely the something deep because when I rebooted my machine it did not come up into the desktop. It offered only the login to console.

Using systemctl status found the problem was the sddm service which meant no x-windows and so likely a problem with the nvidia driver on my Debian Stretch install.

I noted when trying to run display from console, for example, an error 432 was reported but I haven’t as yet discovered the meaning of that error.

Regardless I opted to delete the nvidia driver and move my system back to using the nouveau driver.

I removed the nouveau from blacklist and regenerated kernel initramfs.

BUT when I was running the nvidia driver uninstall I unfortunately selected “no” to having it clean up the x-windows config to original since the “no” option was default and I guess I twitched.

So, THE QUESTION has anyone got a cheetsheet about how to manually back out of the nvidia driver please?

The other way of putting it, what would the uninstaller modified if I had said yes?


I believe a Linux forum would be more helpful as this looks more like OS house-cleaning than CUDA.