Uninstall CUDA Toolkit v9 on Windows 7

Is there a ‘correct’ way to uninstall CUDA 9? It seems very unusual in 2017 that a modern piece of software from a major manufacturer wouldn’t have a unified uninstaller.

I’m uninstalling each component separately via Control Panel → Programs and Features. After 2 restarts, am left with ‘NVIDIA CUDA Visual Studio Integration 9.0’, ‘NVIDIA Graphics Driver 340.66’, ‘NVIDIA HD Audio Driver’ and ‘NVIDIA nView 141.24’ that stubbornly refuse to be removed…

The documented method is here:

[url]Installation Guide Windows :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation

CUDA 9 doesn’t install driver 340.66, so that is not left over from any CUDA 9 install.

For the graphics driver, HD Audio driver, and nView driver, it should be sufficient to just install whichever driver you wish to use, and these will be replaced if necessary.

this not help