Update the bbox parser (yolov3)since the output format (model onnx) is different


Please someone managed to implement the function which parses the output of model onnx to retrieve the bounding boxes (NvDsInferParseCustomYoloV3), I am using the library provided by deepstream5, but the bounding boxes are wrong
suggestions please
thank you

what do you mean by “wrong” ? number? location? Please elaborate.

location of bounding box

I suspect the output of your onnx model is not compabile with the YoloV3 parser in DeepStream. Did you check this?

Related Doc - Custom YOLO Model in the DeepStream YOLO App — DeepStream DeepStream Version: 5.0 documentation

yes already checked but even exits

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

can you share a repro?