Update UART baud rate to 921600 on /dev/ttyTHS1 and /dev/ttyTHS2

The default baudrate on /dev/ttyTHS1 and THS2 is 9600, is there anyway to update the UART port to higher baudrate, say 921600 and enable flow control as well?


C functions of “cfsetspeed” & “tcsetattr” seem to work to update the baudrate, though I haven’t figured out how to change the default baudrate during system boot.

Hi TKAI, does adding a line to /etc/rc.local to set the baudrate not work?

The instructions here describe the process: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1709280

It may work. However there should be nicer way to update the default baud rate instead of calling a ‘C’ code.