Upgrade an existing Jetson TX1 JetPack using NVIDIA Debian packages repo

i have a Jetson TX1 that is still at version 3.2 of the Jetpack and L4T at 28.2.0.
Simple question: can I upgrade it to JetPack 4.3 - L4T R32.3.1 without flashing it?
Can I upgrade first the OS (from 16.04 to 18…04) and then via Debian package archives upgrade?


You will have to flash using the supplied JetPack/SDK Manager, which will erase the current system. Once that is in place future upgrades using apt should then work without erasing everything. If you want to be sure to not lose content, then you can make a clone of the root filesystem before flashing (the raw image from a clone can be loopback mounted and examined, edited, or copied from). Unfortunately, the rootfs is tied to JetPack/SDKM version and mixing them directly won’t work.

Clear. Thanks!