OTA JetPack update

In new JetPack version I see OTA feature.
And I have a question about it.

Today I flash JetPack 4.3 to Jetson TX2 via micro-USB cable.
After several months or years “JetPack X.x” will be released.
Will I be able to upgrade Jetson firmware(based on JetPack 4.3) to “JetPack X.x” over network with deb-packages, without micro-USB?

Also, do you have ready tools for build nvidia-l4t-kernel_arm64.deb and nvidia-l4t-kernel-dtbs_arm64.deb?

Hi kko-smol, that is correct, from JetPack 4.3 you will be able to upgrade to future JetPack releases without needing to reflash via the Micro-USB recovery port, instead it can be done through the command line with a network connection and apt-get upgrade. For more info, see here.

I’m not entirely sure how the deb packages themselves are built, however you can find the instructions for building the kernel here.