upgrade from GeForce GTX 745 to RTX 4000

I am considering upgrading as the topic shows. I have an HP ENVY Phoenix Desktop - 810-370st that I currently use 3 monitors, but is very slow when I use SoldWorks.
I have reviewed the specs, and it appears that the RTX 4000 will be compatible as far as the PCI bus requirements and the dimensions, so I am mainly concerned with the power consumption. The GTX 745 only requires about 55 Watts of Graphics Card Power, whereas the RTX 4000 requires 160 Watts of total board power and 125 Watts of total Graphics power. Since the RTX 4000 has 3 Display port connectors, I should be able to use active adapters to connect HDMI where needed.
In the Quadro GPU Power Specifications details it shows there is an auxiliary PCIe Power Connector requirement with 8 pins. I am assuming I will need to connect this to the SATA power supply.

My questions are as follows:
Will the added 8-pin connection to the Power Supply be able to supply enough power to the RTX 4000 for dependable operation?
Also, am I missing any other considerations that may prevent me form being ab;e to upgrade my video card?

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions!

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