to manage 150 jetson nanos - Question - CPU/RAM on hot/cold environments

Hi all,
We are finished the production deployment, running 150 Jetson nanos (YES!) in a few different places all over Germany. We are using Upswift IoT platform to manage the devices (the devices running a big heavy python script doing a lot of meth calculations based on a few sensors).

We are monitoring the CPU and the RAM usage of the devices and from time to time it looks like the group of devices that in a colder area (10c) behaves differently (in terms of cpu and ram) from the other ones which in 21c more or less. We thought it may be somehow related to the upswift platform itself which do the resources monitoring on the Jetsons… has any one had similar issue? not sure where is the problem.

Many thanks!

Could you paste the tegrastats of these nanos for us to do the comparison?