USB3.0 PORT Can not be recognized on a self -designed carrier, I need help!

Hi, I have a problem when I used the USB3.0 port.
By the way, I did not use the PD Controller.I connect the USB3.0 and USB 2.0 directly to the USB 3.0 Type A and Type B connector.
Now,all the USB 2.0 is OK, and the USB 3.0 port (UPHY1) is OK,but the other two USB3.0 ports(UPHY6 and UPHY11) can not be recognized .
Because I do not have the PD I wonder that how should we modify the DTS or something to figure it out?

Please check adaptation guide. We have guidance for boards without the controller.

Hi, why don’t you use load switch on vbus?

We did not add a load switch on vbus actually.
Is this necessary?

Please refer to adaptation and also this thread

You have to modify device tree to fit your USB2-USB3 companion accordingly.

For more information, without the controller, please remove:

tegra_xhci: xhci@3610000 {
 [b]extcon-cables = <&typec_port0 1>;
 extcon-cable-names = "id";
 #extcon-cells = <1>;[/b]
 phys = <&{/xusb_padctl@3520000/pads/usb2/lanes/usb2-0}>,
 phy-names = "usb2-0", "usb3-2";
 nvidia,xusb-padctl = <&xusb_padctl>;
 status = "okay";

Hi,DaneLLL Thank you for your words.we will try

Hi wang, any progress?

We added a load switch ,and the vbus have a on-off-on status as the devkit now.
but the problem is there actually. our UPHY1(USB 3.1 PORT 2)works well as before,but the UPHY6(USB3.1 port 0) and UPHY11(USB3.1 port 3) fail to recognize the USB 3.0 device.
One more question, i read that the J512 and J513 used the same design in the devkit, in my own carrier the port related to the J512 now works well ,but the port related to the J513 is not good, can you give me some advice to help me to solve this question? thanks a lot

Did you try Dane’s comment #5 and #6? From hardware view, are you using USB_VBUS_EN0 as the enable of load switch? Did you measure if Rx detect success on data lines?

Now we are using the USB_VBUS_EN0, and when the device was plugged in ,Oscilloscope can detect waveform.
Our woftware engineer will have a try .Thankyou!