USB3 Vision on Jetson TK1

Im looking for an SDK to capture from USB3 Vision Cameras (cross-vendor) on a Jetson TK1. It seems that the VisionWorks SKD is included in the Jetson SDK. Does it have USB3 Vision support? Does anyone have other recommendations?


I have been looking for the same thing. Vendor support on ARM has been spotty. Basler has reasonable ARM Linux HF support. I know PtGrey & IDS do (will test when I get the cameras).

If you can live with GigE, ARAVIS works OK if you are willing to tweak for your particular camera. Again Basler may work the best as I believe the original reverse engineering was done on a Basler. However, don’t expect 350MB/s as you would from USB3 cameras.

Also, I think it would be possible to adapt ARAVIS to USB3 Vision if I can get a copy of the spec. AIA’s website says it is free, but didn’t respond to my online request (twice). I’ll ping them again.

Thanks a lot for you input. I will check out ARAVIS. According to my research Pleora’s eBus SDK will be available for ARM in January…

According to their website, ARM HF SDK has been released for over two months now, but I couldn’t find a download link. I even filed a support case. I should have asked them when I was in Stuttgart last month.

BTW, my understanding is it would add a watermark on the images unless it is a Pleora based camera (e.g. Sentech).

XIMEA has API/SDK for USB 3.0 cameras tested on Jetson TK1:

I have been looking for a 4MP camera can do 70fps at 10 bit, which translates into 350MB/s and is right at the edge for USB3 vision. However, none of the cameras I looked at implemented 10 bit packed. 12 bit (or even worse 16bit/pixel) exceeds what USB3 vision can do. XIMEA demoed an interesting 20Gbs Thunderbolt camera in Stuttgart. Their 4X PCIE camera may work at 2X on TK1 (which is only slightly faster than USB3 though).