Use another computer remote ssh and display rtsp video stream from deepstream_app

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU)
RTX 2060
• DeepStream Version
Docker DeepStream 5.0.1-20.09-DEVEL
• TensorRT Version
On Docker DeepStream 5.0

PC2: My laptop dell Latitude E7440

**• I run deepstream-app (Docker deepstream 5.0) on PC1 and PC2 connect via remote SSH in the LAN. I want to display rtsp stream of deepstream-app (run in Docker DeepStream PC1) on PC2 with vlc with: vlc rtsp://user:pw@ip:port/ds-test (with user, password, ip of PC 1). But it can only show when I use Jetson, and PC1 can’t? What step did I do wrong? Please help me.

this is my config in sink0:

The setting is OK. Please contact your network administrator to check your network.

thank you. but i don’t know why when i run Deep Stream app (in docker deepstream) vs Jetson nano, my PC2 (remote SSH to Jetson) can show rtsp stream, but with PC1 run Deepstream App and I use PC2 remote to SSH to PC1 i don’t. Jetson, PC1 and PC2 in the same LAN.

rtsp is based on tcp/ip, it has nothing to do with ssh. Please check your network connection.

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thank you. thank you. caused by my network. the problem has been resolved.

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