Use dsexample before nvinfer in test5 app

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Hi everyone,

I am building on top of deepstream-test5 app with dsanalytics. I would like to add some OpenCV preprocessing on all streams on the whole frame before inference to reduce some artifacts and improve detection. I believe I could use dsexample in full frame mode for that but I do not understand how to ensure that dsexample is run before everything else. I have seen this post: How to insert dsexample as a preprocessor? but it’s not quite clear to me from there what are the right steps to change the order from post inference to before inference and if it should be added as common_elements or not.

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Please upgrade to DS6.0. Is it possible to use DS preprocess plugin? It can add customized preprocess.

Gst-nvdspreprocess (Alpha) — DeepStream 6.0 Release documentation (

Hi @kesong thanks for suggesting preprocess plugin, but I would still prefer to use dsexample plugin before the inference. My use case would be to apply two or three filters from OpenCV on whole frames and it seems to me it would be more straightforward than preprocessing which looks way more complex than I need. How can I make sure that a plugin like dsexample before nvinfer?

Can you check function create_pipeline()? You can change the pipeline in it.

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