Use Jetson Nano MIPI interface connect MAX9286(with four GMSL camera)

Dear Shane,

If i use v4l2-ctl or ioctl to capture raw data, the raw data is sensor original output, Jetson nano wont do any other format process, is it right?

Yes, that’s correct.

Dear Shane,

As i discuss with sensor vendor, they confirm it output UYVY format data. I think we shoud not use RGB565 or RGB1555 to view raw data.

As i check the raw data with YUV422 UYVY with below selected channels.

  1. only select U and V

  2. only select Y

From above attached image , Seems Y data is incorrect .

Do you have any opinion about it?

Hope your kindness reply.
Thanks a lot.

Can you try to modify the VI driver to try different data type setting from the VI_CSI_0_CSI_IMAGE_DT_0 REG. You can find it from the TRM.

Dear Shane,

Do you think try below data_type in TRM?

But i think maybe it’s not helpful for our case.
Because MAX9286 output datatype shows as below :

If we try to modify it from YUV422 8bit to any other type, We will capture whole Green Image all the time.

How about configure the max output as RAW16 and Nano configure as YUV422_8 both of them are 2 bytes per pixel?

Dear Shane,

Finally, We fix this issue by modify the register of MAX96705.

Thank you so much for your kindness help.

Thank you !!