Use ttyTHS3(UART1) as Serial UART in Jetson TX2 NX

I use TX2 NX in Jetson Xavier NX Dev. Kit, but ttyTHS3(UART1) can not work, Is this a known issue?

I can’t fully answer, and I don’t know if the newer NX format of TX2 works in the NX dev kit carrier board. I suspect it would work there, but there are probably device tree changes required. Any changes of device tree specific to the TX2 in the NX format running on the Xavier NX dev kit board would probably have to come from NVIDIA.

according to Topic 169568, it is supported to development with Jetson TX2 NX on the Jetson Xavier NX devkit carrier board.

hello peng.jack3,

could you please share the pin connection,
please also check Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit User Guide for the expansion headers.

J12b pin8, pin10

hello peng.jack3,

how about use [J14], you may enable pins 3 (UART RXD), pins 4 (UART TXD) and pins 7 (GND) with TX/RX cable,
after that, please connect USB port to your host machine and get UART logs.
you may check available port number as following, $ ll /dev/ttyUSB*