Use UART to connect to SIM7600G-H modem

I am using SIM7600G-H for Jetson Nano to connect to the 4G network using a SIM card. It is working fine with the USB connection (ttyUSB2). However, I am trying to get rid of the USB connection and connect to the modem via UART (ttyTHS1).
Can anyone help with finding the corresponding driver?

this should works with 40-pin expansion header,
you may refer to this external page.

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Thanks for helping. However, I have already visited this page. The driver they provide for the 4G connections works fine with the USB connection. If I remove the USB connection, I can connect to the Modem using:
sudo minicom -D /dev/ttyTHS1 -b 115200

But without the USB there is no internet connection. That’s why I think it’s a driver problem. Note: without the USB connection the wwan0 interface is not recognized.

hello JanTbf,

is there kernel logs for reference? please setup a terminal and running with $ dmesg --follow to gather the logs.

The moment I remove the USB connection, it losses the connection to the internet. What I would like to happen is that it connects to the modem also via the UART connection namely (ttyTHS1) which I can use to send SMS or make a call.

What does that mean without usb it would not work?

Are you saying that usb is affecting your device on UART?

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From the installation steps: “Inset the USB connector, and connect the micro USB interface of SIM7600 to Jetson Nano.”
The 4G connection currently is only working if the USB connection is there. I would like to be able to have 4G connection without using the USB port.


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